Thursday, 30 July 2015

So Tiny

So, I had found the 850 square foot loft in Toronto a bit small. However, I was excited to stay in a Tiny House during the West Coast Road Trip. At only 86 square feet, it was going to be an interesting adventure. Looking at the guest book, Teri and I discovered that most people who had stayed before us were testing it out before purchasing their own. We didn't not fit that category! To be a part of the "Tiny House Movement" you basically need to live in an area that allows access to outside space all year round. Your living room becomes the parks and public spaces around you. In Canada, in the winter, the cabin fever would be insane in a space that small.

The layout was really great though. Lots of storage areas and lots of space to add more. The 'main' area had a work bench style table on one side and a cushioned bench on the other. Teri and I played Bananagrams and I worked on my laptop - it didn't feel crowded. Ter actually had a shower in the tiny shower stall. (The toilet was not hooked up, so we used a public washroom a few feet away.) The loft upstairs was well lit and quite roomy. You couldn't stand up but it was comfortable to sit and didn't feel cramped. The kitchen was obviously small - couldn't cook with two people in there:
View from the bedroom into the kitchen
Tiny House - Hopeland, CA
Taken by ME with my phone

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Anonymous said...

This is so neat (I had no idea this existed!). Kind of makes me claustrophobic just looking at that small space though.
Hope you're loving the trip!
- T