Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Overheard In Hamilton

A couple of weekends ago, Jason and I went to the opening for men's soccer at the Pan Am Games. The stadium was in Hamilton and we got to go because Jason's sister and her husband had two extra tickets after deciding to bring just the two oldest of their four children. It was a really fun afternoon, evening, and night - the tickets were for a double header so we were there for a while. (The kids were so good! Popcorn was the trick, and the fact that both of these little boys play, love, and are very knowledgeable about 'football'.)

Speaking of kids, during the first game, one behind me asked his dad about which team he should cheer for. Peru was playing Panama and it was a pretty even match. I actually struggled to keep the teams straight and kept confusing who was who, especially because white and red were prominent colours on both uniforms and both flags. Panama also has blue on their flag but they hadn't incorporated that into their uniforms. It was hard to pick who to cheer for. The little boy behind me had the same issue: "Dad, which country is closer to Canada?" There was a pause and I wondered if the father was as bad with geography as I was and didn't know exactly where Peru and Panama were in South America. Then the boy clarified, "Like, who is our most trusted ally?" That was not what I thought he had been asking at all! I had to stop myself from laughing out loud.

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Sweeton said...

I love tgat the relationship was the important factor, not the location. I still wouldn't be able to answer the question though.