Thursday, 11 June 2015

More Forgetting

Earlier this week I described My Most Forgetful Spin and I listed all the different items that I didn't have with me. Well, the list should have been even longer and last night's spin class with Tessa reminded me of the final item I had forgotten on that frustrating day last week - My Headband.

My headband is basically a nicer version of my dad's old forehead sweatband that he wore for squash. It took me forever to find a good one for me! I knew I needed something to keep some of the sweat off my face when I spin, and out of my eyes since I wear contacts. However, I wanted it to be thinner than the thick towel-style ones.

For Christmas my mom gave me a giftcard and I went and picked out the Bang Buster Headband at lululemon. It was wider and more substantial than the ones designed to just hold back hair fly-aways, but more sleek then the most serious style that had fancier workout fabric. I bought two and they are seriously the best!

I just went online to find a picture of them, and I was also considering buying a third one online from lululemon as a treat for myself. I discovered some sad news - they have stopped making them! They now have a version for the same price that is of lower quality when it comes to style, design, fabric, etc. You can read a good comparison of the two HERE.

It took almost six months the first time, and I love the two I have, but my search for a nice spin sweatband continues as I try to find a third one to add to my workout wardrobe.

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Jason Woods said...

We could order the Bang Busters headband from eBay.