Saturday, 25 April 2015

Trip To The Zoo

We are spending the weekend with two of Jason's nephews as part of their Christmas present again this year. The main point of their visit was to go to the Toronto Zoo, but we also have plans to play board games, watch movies, read books, ride transit, and go to a park.

There are no photos from our time at the zoo today, but luckily this evening L drew the following picture which will help me outline my favourite parts of the zoo visit. L and I share the same opinion on what were the best parts:

L and P's Toronto Zoo Trip
2015, Art by L, Age 5

TIGER (Top Left) - At the Toronto Zoo, the outdoor part for the tigers (Sumatran) are two huge cages that have tall boardwalks dividing them. This means you can look down into the forest to easily view them - sleeping. Both of the tigers were outside and sleeping. L drew a picture of the smaller tiger that was lying on hay in an open-front cave. When we first passed by on the boardwalks the tiger was stretched out on its back with all paws in the air - like a cat!

GOLDEN LION TAMARIN (Top) - I really like all the little monkey species, they are so cute. The Golden Lion Tamarins are such a bright orange and are usually very active. Today's visit was no exception - the larger male one kept yelling at us too. This was super cute because it is tiny, and sounds a bit like a bird. Then we noticed that clinging up by thy skylight was a female with two little babies clinging to her.

RED PANDA (Bottom) - L's drawing features the fenced section of the red panda enclosure to the left of the drawing of the animal itself. The two pandas kept wandering between their open section and more cage-like part. These were the most amazing animals, so insanely cute, they are pretty famous since videos of this species frequently go viral on social media. I am really glad that L encouraged us to go and see them, they were one of today's highlights for sure.

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