Friday, 27 March 2015

Quick Kitchen Tip

I don't know how I keep forgetting about this - but it is way better to fill up a pot of water, that you plan to boil, using water from the 'hot' tap.

I remember someone once telling me (I think it was Jerrica or maybe JennB) that I should always put the lid on the pot when wanting water to warm up to boiling as it will go faster. I am pretty good about remembering to do that, though sometimes finding the right lid is a challenge. I hate that pots then have a tendency to boil over, but not if it is just pure water in it. After the water is boiling, and whatever is being added to it, I either take the lid off or put it on askew. I also turn the stove down a bit and the pot will keep simmering.

Tricks that help water to boil faster and food to cook better not only improves on the experience (faster is better in my mind because I hate to cook) but also makes the process more efficient. A more efficient (aka faster) use of the stove uses less electricity and therefore is better for the environment.

One thing I almost always forget to do though, is use hot water when filling the pot. I have no idea why, but I reach for the cold tap every time. It makes no sense! That will make it take longer to boil, the water has to heat up from a lower temperature; if I used hot water it already has a head start. It also shares the energy consumption with the hot water heater, which I assume is better than using the stove element for the entire process from cold to boiling.

I am sure everyone already knows this and I am just slow on the uptake, but I need to really watch what tap I use from now on.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard that it's not good to use hot water as the water has been sitting in the pipes warming up so more likely to have lead in it. If you "Google" it there are articles about why to not use warm water for cooking. I always think of that when I cook. Whether it's tru or's really stuck with me!