Wednesday, 4 March 2015


By Christine Sweeton
- Part 1:

The hockey game ended and Kitvan rolled over onto his side to fall asleep. His Vision Screen flicked down from the ceiling and started projecting 3D statsgraphs for the teams scheduled to play the following night. Kit closed his eyes, slowly counting to 5 in his head, and waited for the faint hum of his VS to click off. When he opened his eyes the deep darkness of the room surprised him. He rarely watched three games in a row and now it was past two.

Luella still wasn't home yet and the bed felt empty without her slim body lying beside him. In her absence, their small studio-style apartment made Kit feel like he was sleeping in a hotel room - a feeling that depressed him. Alone in the bed, the normally lush sheets felt like sheets of paper and the clean lines of the sparsely decorated room seemed desolate inside of modern. Even the alarm sensor felt temporary and impersonal.

They were both accountants, but Kit's work never altered from a standard shift. Over the past month, Luella's hours had become more remote. Kit couldn't remember which CGA subset Luella was, but he couldn't think of one that required so much overtime and late nights at the office. They had only recently decided to live together and Kit was still adjusting to life in a shared space. "Maybe everyone feels disrupted in the early stages of learning to interact with another person's schedule?" Kit thought. He had never lived with anyone else before.

A soft blue light started to flash on the alarm sensor above the door - showing that Luella had just passed into the building. Soon she would quietly slip in to their dark apartment, having programmed the lights to remain off.  It would be her fourth such return from work in the last 10 days.  


NOTE: My last 'Story Start' didn't really get the response I was looking for (aka, it didn't get any response at all.) Please let me know if you would be interested in me writing a few more parts of this? Would you like more of Kitvan and Luella's story?


Jennifer Nuttall said...

a)My first thought is that Kit is for Kit Harrington. Excellent.

b)Love that you put in stuff about living with someone for the first time. The best writers write what they know about!

c)I like the futuristic stuff a lot. But then you know I like the dystopias.

Sweeton said...

Always want you to write more.

Anonymous said...

Sure I'd love to read more! If it's dystopian then Right up my alley.


Meghan van Asseldonk said...

I'm in!
already wondering were this is going...