Sunday, 22 March 2015


Yesterday, Teri, Greg, Jason, and I went to an Escape Room. It was part of a Christmas present they had given to us. We did The Mayan Curse at Escape Games in Toronto. The room has over 50% success rate, so I was quite happy that we escaped.

My brain hurt from the problem solving and out-of-box thinking. In general it was a crazy amount of fun and I have since spend hours researching these games online. I want to do more!! I might be reaching obsession.

However, they tend to be on the creepy side and it is important to me that they don't move from creepy into scary. I also want a high level of production value, which I gather is a bit of a variable at the over 15 Toronto locations that do this now. It is a bit trendy - and I am a little behind on the trend.

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