Wednesday, 18 March 2015

10:00pm 401 Eastbound

Two long rows of rolling giants
Sleep during rush hour
Or eat, or hide
Awake now, to chase the night

Talking to shortwave friends
As the crazy flies swerve and swarm
I can see you, but can you see me?
The wind flows with you

Your kind rule the highway
Side lights and mud flaps
We quiver at your side
But that size makes you lonely

The rolling giants of the night


Christine Sweeton said...

As a side note to this - seeing a transport truck carrying cars is still one of the most enjoyable experiences I can imagine. Tonight I drove passed one and literally giggled to myself out-loud, alone in the car.

Sweeton said...

Love the poem, I can see them, red tail lights, slush flying, wheels too close to my window as they pass.