Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Way Back Wedding

I was thinking about some wedding 'firsts' to post for Wedding Wednesday. I often equate Taylor's 2011 wedding with a lot of big first for me, in terms of friends getting married - first time I knew about a pending engagement before a friend; first Toronto bachelorette party; first time I was in a wedding party; first time I felt involved in the lead-up; first time I helped a friend the night before; first pre-wedding sleepover with a bride; first wedding I was at that Steph was the photographer for; first time I helped guys with boutonnieres; first (and probably will stay as the only) time I arrived at a wedding in the back of a pick up truck; and first time I had to hide tears while standing up front during the ceremony.

However, I often forget that there was an earlier wedding - in 2009. My first friend to get engaged (and married) was ERin. Anne and I went to the wedding together and had an amazing time, it was a serious blast with a lot of army guys. It was this bride that showed me how much I love bachelorette parties (See image to the left) I didn't help plan the party with marching shirts, limos, fancy cars, drinking games during dinner and dancing all night in Ottawa. ERin's wedding party did an incredible job, setting the bar high. Anne and I got to tag along and partake in all the fun.

The wedding itself was beautiful. (See image to the right). ERin looked stunning, her dress was beautiful. Her and Matt are complete sweethearts, I look forward to visiting them in Edmonton next month since I missed them when I was there over Christmas. I can still remember the funny speeches at their wedding and stealing all the wine off the tables after dinner. They were married at a resort on a lake, and I think I went swimming in the very early hours of the morning, after staying up all night.


Anonymous said...

6 years in July!!! I still tell the story of you and Anne, Shalane, and Elisse sprinting around grabbing all the extra wine bottles :) So awesome :)


Anonymous said...

You are an amazing bridesmaid Chris... so many good memories from my wedding. I am so honoured (still) that you were a part of it.

Love T