Friday, 12 September 2014

I Made Food

Last night, I made food. This is another example of me throwing things together in a weird way, but even though I am older and have access to more and better quality ingredients, the end result in this case is just food. I would like to clarify that making food is different than cooking, and that I have done it before:

The First Instance Of Food Making

When Noah and Kristen started dating, Noah was still living at home with his parents in Mississauga. For him, it was a treat to have free access to our kitchen to cook. For us, it was amazing to have food prepared by anyone else, especially someone as good at cooking as Noah. Literally everything Noah has ever made has been delicious.

During this time period, on a day that Noah wasn't around, I made dinner for Kristen and I. Since Noah heavily emphasizes soy sauce in his dishes, even non-Asian ones, I wanted to branch out and use something different. I think I used a bit of garlic, but mainly, since our fridge was pretty bare, I made a stir fry of chicken, onion, and mushrooms. (Normally my stir fries contain more vegetables which help with the flavor: carrots, peppers, etc.) I tried to flavour it with things we had around that were not soy sauce, and I was too lazy to make rice or noodles to go with it.

Kristen and my reaction? "Umm, yes, this is food." and "Well, I am eating this. It will nourish my body."

It was far from disgusting, but at the same time, far from good. Just bland, boring, and a bit weird. Sure enough, the next day, Noah took the left overs and added soy sauce and served it over rice, and it was super tasty!

Last Night's Making Of Food

Last night, it happened again, and this time Noah isn't around to help fix the leftovers. I also thought I might be making something pretty good! And, I wasn't being lazy, a number of pots and pans were used and I cooked multiple things at the same time!

Tessa's Healthy Cream Sauce
- Chicken broth
- Cooked Cauliflower
- Salt and Pepper
Blended Smooth

Boil Separately (and separately from each other)
- Broccoli
- Pasta twirls

Fry Together
- White onion
- Garlic and Oregano
- Finely chopped Chicken Bacon (which is basically lunch meat)
- Cut chicken breast

In Large Pan (Wok)
- Warm Tessa's Sauce (she had given me a container of it)
- Add Broccoli, Pasta, and ingredients from frying pan
- Half a can of sweet peas (pretty mushy)
- Some tomato sauce for colour
- Parmesan Cheese

So many ingredients! It should have had flavor, but it didn't! It too was just fairly bland and quite weird. It did not work out, not gross, just not good. Jason's reaction, "Well, you made food."

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