Friday, 27 June 2014

I Agree Aziz

The opening part of Aziz Ansari's stand-up routine, Buried Alive, (which I believe you can watch on Netflix) pretty accurately explains my current feelings towards having children:

I turned 30 years old this year. It has been a good year. I have found this year to be the year where a lot of my friends are getting serious about their lives. You know, they call me up, they say serious things, they're like, "Aziz! You're not going to believe it! I just had a baby!" And I always have the same reaction, I always go, "Hahahaha! That sucks! I am so sorry that happened. Why were you guys not using condoms or birth control? You are going to have to take care of that thing forever! Alright, well, I'll talk to you later. I'm going to go do, literally, anything I want. Cause, I don't have a baby, so all my options - are still options."

The first section of his routine continues along the same topic and tends to reflect my own thoughts fairly consistently. Which leaves me thinking: I guess I'm still not really that grown-up.

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