Saturday, 21 June 2014

A Caturday Update

Aunty Laura sent me a little update about Rusty, who is looking as cute as ever:
Rusty With His Paw On Aunty Laura's Shoe
Photo by Aunty Laura

"Thank goodness I didn't get a kitten. He is about all I can handle. On last Friday night I went into the hospital for three days and he was left alone. Fortunately Linda fed him and changed his litter and played with him a couple of times a day. Rusty wore her out. He got fixed the day after I got home and he is doing find. They cut his claws for free. He has ring worm and I have to pick up some pills for him. Thanks to Linda's care he is none the worse for the wear of me being away. He is a very good companion. Loves to watch me play spider on the computer."
Rusty And Spider Solitaire
Photo by Aunty Laura

"Hasn't scratched the furniture but does not use the scratching post much except to stretch out and sleep on the carpet base. Rusty likes a little milk. I had the Computer Guy show me how to E-mail photos of Rusty. They are not as cute as Rasta's are. He doesn't wake me up in the morning to feed him. He waits till I get out to the kitchen to start meowing. He likes to put my fingers in his mouth and chew on my nails. I am having trouble brushing. He only wants to play with the brush and me. I have real trouble keeping him off the computer. About all I can think of to tell you about him. Thank you so much for giving me Rusty. Love Aunt Laura"

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