Saturday, 24 May 2014

Sad Caturday

In anticipation of Kristen coming over for my birthday party, Jason and I cut Two's claws. (Kristen likes to lovingly harass Two and Two does less damage on peoples skin when her claws are clipped down.) This is always a challenging process that involves Jason restraining the cat and me trying to quickly cut all her claws with large nail clippers. Since her claws are clear, it is easier than doing Toby's, who had the occasional black bunny-claw that meant you couldn't see the 'quick', the pink part of an animals nail where the nerves and blood vessels are. You are NOT to cut this sensitive area. Well, for the first time, I accidentally cut one of Two's it was horrible, she screamed and it was so sad. It didn't bleed much and she forgave us enough to let us finish the last two claws but it is so heartbreaking to hurt your pet. I still feel bad about it.

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Sweeton said...

Oh this is definitely a fear I have when cutting Rastas claws. I feel so bad for all 3 of you.