Sunday, 4 May 2014

My Work Self

One of the recent job applications I did included a personality assessment thing, that it later sent me. This is what it said:

You would be described as very competitive, enterprising, assertive, determined and goal oriented. You may often display new and creative ways to reach your objectives. You will be self-evaluative and critical of your own performance. Given an objective, you would be able to develop your own plan, manage your time and focus your effort on a daily basis to reach your goals. Being a self-manager comes naturally to you, and as such you are able to work with limited guidance and direction. You are able to motivate yourself without frequent input from the management and will work well with a manager who coaches and consults rather than directs.

Your motivation is balanced between your concern for the needs of other people and meeting the long and short term goals you have set for yourself. You are most comfortable in situations that offer the opportunity to do both. You would enjoy working in an environment where you are able to meet short term targets which lead to your longer term objectives.

Communication Style 
You tend to be quite comfortable in situations where there is potential for conflict. You may even occasionally create conflict to further your own goals. Comfort with conflict can be a strength and is often found in competitive people but it can also be a trait that is difficult for some managers to handle. Social Style You are quite sociable, cheerful, friendly and outgoing. You are able to build relationships and friendships without difficulty and are quite comfortable with other people. You will be able to work well in an environment where there is regular contact with others. Generally, you would be a good company representative and have the ability to communicate with a wide variety of people in a number of different functions.

Learning Style 
You would be described as quite logical, analytical, factual and practical. A role requiring the solving of intellectual or conceptual problems would interest you. You would tend to enjoy technically oriented and detailed work. You pay attention to detail and would examine the issues until you feel satisfied that you understand them. Often you are interested in learning for its own sake and dealing with complex, challenging issues would be a motivating factor for you. You would be quite comfortable in a business culture that has a significant problem solving component.

You have healthy self confidence, which allows you to feel that you're able to handle most situations through your own efforts. You accept responsibility for your own performance and expect to succeed in most things that you attempt. You also handle most stressful situations quite well. Urgent projects, deadlines and criticisms would normally be dealt with effectively. Your ability to cope with a stressful work environment may even enhance your performance in challenging situations.

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Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool!!! I want to do this...although I fear what it will tell me about myself...