Saturday, 5 April 2014

Waking Up Early

The guidebook says that we should leave Paris at 8:00am to get to Versailles in time for it to open. Christine is returning to England/Wales today and wanted to see the palace before catching the train; so, we need to get as much time there as possible. It also gets very busy. Last week Nicola sent me the following video:

My cats have never done this to wake me up - which I am pretty happy about actually. While I love how cute it is, I love sleep more. However, we didn't get any cute wake up this morning. And, for some reason the Boulangerie isn't open until 10:00am on Saturdays so there was no morning walk to go get fresh croissants. (Mom went and picked some last night in preperation, so we will still have them for breakfast but they were made yesterday.)

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Sweeton said...

Rasta does the gently pat on the cheek thing. I usually wake up ad stroke him at that point so he hasn't yet got more insistent.