Thursday, 10 April 2014

Truly Jobless

Jason left for work today and now it is fully hitting me that I am totally unemployed. The trip to Paris was a nice buffer zone to ease me away from work. However, at the same time it let me avoid thinking about the realities of not having a job. It is terrifying to to relying on savings and to some extent on my boyfriend. It is hard not to jump at the first opportunity that is presented (I have been 'head hunted' a couple of times for things I wasn't interested in) and instead wait for something that I really want to do. It is also going to be especially hard to stay motivated all day, alone, to do things that are not particularly enjoyable - like apply for jobs.

I want my days to be productive so I hope to get into some sort of routine where I am active and useful during the day:
- applying for jobs
- preparing for interviews
- running
- cleaning
- cooking
- shopping (groceries)
- writing
- working freelance/contract/part-time


Nicola Campbell said...

Hang in there Chris! I have been in this place a few times. Step one is to have a schedule and really push yourself to stay on it. As a treat go for a walk on this lovely day and take a picture for tomorrow's blog!

Sweeton said...

I agree with Nicky. It's hard though to be that self disciplined. Good luck with your plan and the job hunt.