Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Last Day And Fly Away

I can't believe I am now unemployed! (Or waiting for my flight for a last minute trip to Paris, France.) After giving my notice at the BIA on January 6, this 'last day of work' has been a long time coming. I do feel like I am ready to leave but at the same time it is terrifying not to have another job lined up. I went against everyone's advice and quite my job without having one to go to. I did this for a couple of reasons: I find it hard to look for something while working as there isn't really enough time to focus on applications; I wanted to give enough time for the BIA to find someone to replace me and for me to train them (seeing that this ended up taking almost 4 months I think I was right on that point); and I needed motivation to truly move on and find something else - nothing does that like an end date and unemployment. I am still applying like crazy to Communications related jobs and going away on vacation for a week won't slow that down. I need to find a new job now, fast!

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