Friday, 18 April 2014

Are You Getting French Ads?

I noticed that Always Standing started having advertisements in french a couple of days into my Paris trip. I figured that it made sense since I was accessing everything from France - I was often taken to the French version of Google, YahooMail, etc. I was so intrigued by it at the time that I took a screen shot and saved pictures of some of the ads that were coming up in French.

The ad on the right, for Chromecast, is actually for a thing that Jason recently bought. I thought that it was funny that it appeared and showed up in French.

However, I have been back in Canada for over a week now and some of them are still showing up in French. I know that it reads my blog posts to try to match advertisements to topics that I am writing about - so the Airbnb ad that keeps showing up and advertising apartments in Paris makes sense. However, there haven't really been any French words in any of my posts.

I have three ads that show up on Always Standing, one below the title at the top, one at the top of the right column, and another a bit lower down on the left column. Are the ads French for you?

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Erin said...

Ads I see are either wedding/baby related or about shopping. (Thanks Google, you cruel overlord.)
No French ads so far.