Saturday, 29 March 2014

Turning 30

It is Steph's birthday today! She is turning 30, and is the first of my friends (not counting Jason, Jeska, James, or JennD) to do so. Okay, so she is the first of my friends who I think of as 'the same age as me' to do so, and who's name does not start with a J. (Sucks to be born at the start of the year sometimes.) She is calling it her 29+1 birthday, which is a bit like Anne saying she is 5'13". On her blog she did a bit of a recap of her year and included a photo collage, which Jason and I are a part of! (We are the kissing couple in the sparkler heart.) I hope the Steph had an amazing birthday and the her 30's are as great as her 20's were.

Happy Birthday Steph, I love you!