Friday, 28 March 2014

Not Yet A Lucky Outfit

This is my new interview outfit. I think it is a lot more feminine than the suit-style that I normally go for. I am so thankful to Nicola who was able to rush out to the mall with me at the last minute, late at night, to help me put something together for an interview I had last month. I tried finding something to wear myself and was having a terrible time. I started getting more and more stressed and Nicola totally saved me, she showed me an amazing store - Loft. When I get my dream job, I am going to buy lots of great work clothes there. (Nic sent her a husband a picture of me, his response: "Tell her she looks like a fox, a business fox.")

I found out this past week, that I didn't get that job. However, the job hunt continues and I hope to soon call this my lucky interview outfit.

Photo by Tessa


Sweeton said...

It does look great. Rather, you do look great in it. I'm sure it will be your lucky outfit

Anonymous said...

You look great!