Monday, 24 March 2014

Monetize Monday - A Writers Woes

Like many people, I want to make money from my hobby. One of my main hobbies would be Always Standing. The reason it is a hobby and not work is that I don't work at it, unfortunately to monetize these sorts of things takes a lot of drive, discipline, and hard work. (Just ask Steph about photography.) There is a balance to be considered; if I start working harder at something is there a risk that I will stop getting the enjoyment out of it as a hobby?

I know people who get paid for their blogs, or for blogging in general, and even more people who make their living solely as writers. I have shied away from doing this because I want to have the structure of a 9 to 5 style job. I don't fully consider myself as a writer, I label myself and my skills as a Communications Professional. I like that title better because it moves beyond creating copy into advising, editing, visuals, media, presentations, etc. I love to write but I can also design a good brochure, or present a branding campaign. I think I need my daily work to be more multifaceted than just writing.

However, it would still be nice if Always Standing could supplement my income somehow. I added Google AdSense to the site a long time ago, October of 2009 actually. I am still happy with how they work on the blog; I just have the three, one on each side and one at the top. I will get a cheque sent once I have amassed $100 in ad revenue.

I wanted to announce that I am half way there! As of last month my AdSense account was at $51.15.

(Did you notice that this was a bit of a scattered post? I am writing it in a haze of cold medication before taking my Adderall. I am training someone at work so in an effort to be more coherent and efficient I have been taking my ADHD meds everyday. This means that the days when I don't take them I am super unfocused - they are a bit self-perpetuating in that way. Plastic bag, plastic bag.)

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