Sunday, 7 July 2013

Looking At Pictures

Every time I go to a wedding I am so excited to see the photos, and it always seems to take so long for them to show up. They slowly trickle into Facebook and I always want more! Kristen and Noah's wedding was beautiful, every moment was either fun or magical or both!

Kristen and Noah at the Crane Wall
(1000 is a lot of cranes to fold!)
Photo by Taylor


Anonymous said...

I love this photo! The cranes were such an amazing idea. And now we all have the useful life-skill of knowing how to fold an origami crane!

Love T

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo!! You both look so happy and gorgeous. I love the cranes too.


mark lawrence said...

A lot of efforts to set up the crane wall, but it’s worth it for a beautiful picture. My sister is getting engaged next month, and we all have our hands full with one work or another. I’m involved in decorating the event hall which is at one of the famous LA venues. We have also used many creative origami arts for the decoration.