Sunday, 30 June 2013

Registration Complete

I just finished registering for my first Triathlon! It was surprisingly expensive and none of it is connected to charity, but having run a few events in my life, I understand the cost to create a race like this. At the end of August I will be completing in a Sprint Triathlon on the Toronto Islands. I will need to swim for 750 metres, bike for 20 km and finish by running 5km. Trust me, I have already started to train for this! Before I could register I have to get a race license from Triathlon Ontario, which was a strange requirement. So far, Jason has registered to join me, and Teri, my mom, and Kendra have registered to do the Give-It-A-Tri, a smaller version done on the same weekend.


Sweeton said...

Not sure what I have got myself into. Like the training but not so sure about the bedlam of the actual event.

Anonymous said...

Good for you.