Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Quick Update

This is long long long overdue. I actually had to go back in the Always Standing archives to ensure that I really hadn't posted about it yet...

Two of my closest friends are engaged!
(Not to each other,
to awesome guys who are also my friends,
so FOUR friends of mine are engaged!) 

Actually their engagements occurred within weeks of each other, 7 months ago, back in December. I kept meaning to write about it but I think I was waiting until I got photos of their rings, or if they ended up doing an engagement photo shoot or something. Now it is more than a half a year later, one couple has already bought a house, one of the weddings is in less than two weeks, and I still haven't publicly congratulated them on Always Standing. (Of note, I am MC at one wedding and Maid of Honour at the other. Super excited for both!!)

So, much overdue congratulations to...

Kristen & Noah

... and ...

Teri & Greg

... on their wonderful engagements. I love you guys and wish all of you every possible happiness.

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Jennifer Dobbs said...

Congrats Kristen and Teri on your engagements!! xoxo