Friday, 28 June 2013

Name Changes

I was out the other night for a friend's birthday, Teri was there and I think we had a brief discussion about whether she is going to take Greg's last name after they get married. I don't think she is, but I really can't remember what was said about it. The 'Last Name Debate' is actually a thing, some people have really strong opinions about it. However, as I reflect back on the various couples in my life who have recently, or not so recently, gotten married - each has dealt with their last names in their own unique way. I think, just as relationships are different for each couple, so is the choice, and reasons for the choice, of changing the last name.

- My mom took my dad's last name
- Taylor assumed Mark's last name but will keep her maiden name at work, I think
- Aimee took Mike's last name, we are excited to have more Sweetons
- Steph took Dave's last name but officially changed her name to add her maiden name as a second middle name, since she is keeping it for her photography businesses
- Kristen will be keeping her maiden name

Halley wrote a great article about her choice - read it HERE.


Anonymous said...

Oh such a hard decision! It came down to wanting the same last name as my children. I kept "Collicott" at work simply because I wanted to hear people say it to me still!

Anonymous said...

I read Halley's article. I was really good. Laura

Anonymous said...

No guys thinking of this in reverse? My decision was to hyphenate my name, too.