Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Biking Poetry Plan

I am starting to bike occasionally to and from work. I thought I could record when I do and what times I achieve on Always Standing, I could also write a poem each time. During my bike to work I often spend the time thinking about various bike related poems.

Of note is the fact that I am training for a small triathlon being held at the end of the summer on the Toronto Islands, I will post more about that another time.

The Bike To Work - 7 km - Almost totally downhill. My goal for this is to keep getting faster obviously, but I don't want to work up a sweat before heading into the office. So my plan is to try to get used to high speeds on my bike, and use my brakes less.

The Bike Home - 20 km - The first half is flat but the last 10 km is steadily uphill with a 'killer' hill right at the end before my house. Jason has mapped out a route for us to take home that works out to 20 km, it is longer for him since he bikes down from his house to meet me at work. The triathlon cycling distance is 20 km but the Toronto Islands are flat so by doing this route hopefully I can get in better biking shape with the hills so that not having an incline will seem easy.

Today's Times:
To Work (7km) - 32 minutes
Home (20km) - 108 minutes


Sweeton said...

Good going, so far I have just done about 10k bike rides, all flat.

Bike Zion National Park said...

I love riding my bicycle everywhere. Work is 1.7 miles away; stores under 1 mile away. Why waste gas, time & money? People think I'm crazy, but I love riding my bicycle.

Bike Zion National Park