Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Birthday/Summer Cold

It is 5:20am on a Saturday morning. I am up. The cold medicine I took last night allowed for just over 4 hours of sleep. That respite took what was a sore throat and slight cough and compounded it. During my small amount of sleep, the green and yellow phlegm demons inside of me gathered and in their forced repression - increased. I awoke to a deeper, harsher cough and a runny nose. Now, as I lie on my back trying to will my stiff and sore mind and body back to sleep, everything gathers into a twisting ball of mush in my throat - it tastes disgusting. So I am awake, and not happy about it, and definitely dealing with a 'start of the summer cold' that arrived in time for the first long weekend.


Sweeton said...

Yuck, hope you got back to sleep and feel better soon

Anonymous said...

Perfect timing, cold! I've noticed a lot of people sick this week at school. Hope you made it back to sleep.