Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Not An Eye Test

----- from Facebook 

As you can see, this is titled as An Eye Test, which is confusing because really it is not. I doubt it tests anything - I would like to think what you see reflects you mood or personality or something but I sort of doubt even that.

Please take note of the first word you see in the image below and share it as a comment:
See the comments to find out what I saw.


Christine Sweeton said...

First I saw YOUG, but then thought that it would need an E to be youge, but then, while I was typing this, I found out it would actually need an N to be young (my terrible spelling strikes again.) Then I saw both FUN and WEALTH.

Anonymous said...

fitting I guess, I suppose I am happy to have been woken up by Lochlan at 6 AM this morning, rather than 5AM.

Love T

Anonymous said...

I saw wealth first dad

Sweeton said...

Saw YOU and JOY pretty well simultaneously.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WEALTH - interesting....guess I'm looking for some after setting up all the automatic payments for the new house bills today.