Thursday, 16 May 2013

Jason Gets Professionally Published

I am so happy for him and it makes me so proud; Jason just had a large article professionally published, which means that it was put up on the IBM website. He has had a lot of positive feed back from various people at IBM around the world who found it helpful. It has been viewed more than 1,300 times. (Oh, and it is 43 pages long.)

DB2 pureScale Feature
Workload balancing, automatic client reroute, and client affinities concepts and administration 
By Frankie Sun, Jason Woods, and Jo-Ann Woods 

He is not related to the co-worker who shares his last name, that is just coincidence. The article describes the IBM DB2 pureScale Feature. It offers clustering technology that helps reduce the risk and cost of business growth, with application cluster transparency, scalability, and continuous availability. Organizations that run online transaction processing (OLTP) applications on distributed systems can use DB2 pureScale Feature to scale a database solution. It also provides resiliency through workload balancing and automatic client reroute as driven by an IBM Data Server driver or client. And, I have no idea what that means - but you can read about it HERE.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jason and Wow, you speak a totally foreign language.

Laura Sweeton said...

I am very impressed. Congratulations!