Monday, 27 May 2013

Bike To Work 2013

Rode my bike to work today for Bike To Work Day 2013!

By The Numbers
Amount of bikable trips (less than 5km) taken in GTHA: 40%
People who bike to work in the City of Toronto: 2%
Fine for a car who is illegally blocking a bike lane: $60
May 2012 bike count on Dupont St. bike lane: Over 700 Daily
2012 Bike To Work Day Toronto Participants: Over 5,000

My Commute

2013 Bike To Work Date: Monday May 27, 2013
Temperature: 13.6 °C
Distance: 6.91 km
Time: 41 min
Elevation: Down 65 m

1 comment:

Sweeton said...

Certainly looking forward to your blog post on the day you bike back from work (up hill).