Monday, 8 April 2013

Money Challenge - Week 4

Time Frame: One week. Monday April 8 to Sunday April 14, 2013
*Dinner: No ordering in, getting take out, or going out to eat.*
Notes: I am not terrible about making dinner any more and I am cooking a lot more than usual. However, there is still usually at least one night where I eat dinner out, either because I am meet friends, going on a date with Jason, or need to grab food before some evening activity. Then I also, out of laziness, order in a couple of times a month. Groceries and cooking is always cheaper, there are great deals in restaurants and fast food places but they are never better then making your own food.
Insight: Nicola said that her and Drew did this and quit cold turkey for an extended period of time. They also hadn't been eating out or ordering in very often but thought that it would be a good cost saving measure to stop altogether. At first she said it was really difficult and they felt deprived. But then they got used to it and this past weekend they got home late and were tired but there wasn't really any food in the house. So, Nic went to the cupboard to figure something out, "We have a can of tuna, I could make something with that?" Then Drew suggested ordering in a pizza which Nic had actually forgotten was even a possibility for dinner. So there is hope! 

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