Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Another One Buys A House

In perfect timing to my recent post about adding in the Real Estate tag, Teri and Greg bought their first home! It is a large house in Oakville in a beautiful neighbourhood with lots of mature trees and a large park. (I know this because I Google Street Viewed the address.) I don't have many of the details. As luck would have it, Teri and I had already arranged to get together this evening so I will find out more soon. I don't know the closing or moving dates, whether there was a bidding war or conditions, how long it had been on the market, how many times they went to see it, the timeline on the offer, etc. But, I did get to see pictures of what the house looks like and it is beautiful! (Definitely not a starter home, it looks large and updated nicely.) Teri was able to send me the Virtual Tour - I don't know how long the link will last but if it no longer works you will just have to trust me that it is a really nice home.

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