Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pop At A Movie Theatre

So, early in the week I posted about Weekly Money Challenges that Jason and I are trying to do and that the first one was to stop buying pop at restaurants/bars. Well, today we went to go see a movie (with Cailin, Nicola, Noah, and Kristen) and we couldn't determine what to do about pop at the movie theatre:

Jason's Side: Seeing that pop is over priced at movie theatres, it shares in the spirit of the challenge and therefore should not be purchased.

My Side: The challenge was only for restaurants/bars and a movie theatre doesn't count and therefore it can be purchased without breaking the challenge.

What do you think?

In general, those with us were split on the issue but Kristen did point out that free water is not served, I gather she has tried to get tap water in the past and they charged her for the cup. I really like the popcorn and it is so salty that not having a drink would be torture. On the other hand, when growing up my parents definitely never got movie food for me because all of the snacks are over priced and later on when I was in high school and university I would just sneak food in, so buying popcorn, candy and pop at the concession stand is a relatively new thing for me. I think it would be best to go back to sneaking food and drinks in, since that would save money and not change the experience, however it would take more thinking/planning ahead.


Sweeton said...

I think the pop and snacks at movie theatres are a total rip off, so you know the way I vote.

Anonymous said...

I always absolutely sneak snacks and drinks into the theatre! It's an enormous amount of money for a watered-down coke. Does require pre-planning but free water tastes better than $6 pop anyday!

Love T

Anonymous said...

Do a compromise. What I always do is bring a drink in (either pop or a Perrier) and buy popcorn. However, yes, it does take planning so I can't always do it. I would have to argue that even a $6 pop tastes better than water. Haha pop is one of my weaknesses!

- Teri

Kristen said...

Or you can be like Noah and bring your own giant bag of popcorn.