Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Now I Want A House

Last summer, I was dreaming about moving into an apartment building closer to work. However, over the past few months I have fallen out of favour with the idea of living in a large building. I now agree with Kristen, who never wanted to live in one, which is why Rrunuv Bayit is in a walk-up style of apartment instead of a large building.

I think I will need to keep living in an apartment for a long time though, since Toronto is so very expensive. However, eventually I would like to have a house (with a lot, I really like the idea of owning something that is connected to land.)

However, I found the perfect place - though it isn't that close to transit. 98 Old Colony Road! I know I said in that other post that "At night I literally dream about this place, the thought of it takes my breath away!" and I was talking about living in the Toy Factory Lofts. But I actually dreampt of this place before ever knowing it even existed! The Disney-Belle style library is what sold me, before I even scrolled down to see everything else. However, it looks like my dream has increased from $2.5 million to almost $8 million.


Sweeton said...

I think I could probably just live in the shower (it may be the size our house). Seriously however, I want the garden bedroom when I come to visit.

Anonymous said...

Split it with you? It could be like a timeshare?

Love T

Christy Baldwin said...
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Christy Baldwin said...

“I really like the idea of owning something that is connected to land.” – I say go for it! It may not be now, but with hard work and your saving scheme, for sure you’ll get it. I checked out your dream house, and it’s really dreamy! No wonder it’s worth millions. You may not be able to have "that" house, but once you have your own place, you’ll be free to rebuild it to resemble it to your dream house.
Christy @ TheCoreTraining.com