Sunday, 31 March 2013

New Tag - 'Real Estate'

I have reached the point in my life when my friends are starting to buy houses. Actually, my brother bought his first house soon after he finished high school, in the mid-2000's when he was only 19. Around that time, Taylor and Mark bought their first house as well. They have since upgraded to a larger house and are renting out the first one. Mike sold his first house, moved to Edmonton, and rented for a while. He then bought a condo with Aimee and they have since started renting it out as they have bought a house nearby to live in. James and her husband had a loft, sold it, and now own a duplex in Toronto. Steph and Dave got a house in Barrhaven a couple of years ago. Teri and Greg are looking around in Oakville. The list goes on.

I realized that I didn't really have a tag on Always Standing to commemorate the large and exciting event that is home (or apartment or cottage) ownership; so I have added 'Real Estate' and went back and tried to tag any past articles that may be relevant.

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Annz said...

don't worry, I've lived in approximately 93074520 different places and still don't see myself buying anything for at least another 10 years..also I should probably figure out WHERE I want to live first...