Monday, 18 March 2013

Money Challenge - Week 1

Jason and I are trying to get better with/about money. We each have different strengths and weaknesses but hopefully working together we can improve our respective financial situations. So, each week we are going to have challenges that we do together and that we each do. I am going to post some of the ones that I am doing or the ones that we are doing as a couple. Feel free to participate and follow along - let me know how you do? Also, any tips or ideas for future challenges would be appreciated.

Time Frame: Starting now, maintain continuously
*No more ordering of pop at restaurants/bars*
Notes: This is a cost saving trick that I grew up with. My parents never bought drinks at restaurants when I was young, if it came with a Kids Meal then it was fine but besides that it was just water for us. The price of glass of pop, even when it is refillable, is ridiculously high. I think I will get a case of cans to keep at home in case the craving hits, seeing that a case is roughly the cost of one drink at a restaurants. This challenge will be especially hard for me, since I don't often get something alcoholic to drink and when everyone else is, I like to order pop as a treat. In that instance it is much cheaper that beer, win, or a mixed drink, but it still isn't worth the money.

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