Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Like Mother Like Son

This has only ever been mentioned in passing before, but Taylor can imitate a raptor (like a Velociraptor dinosor as seen in the Jerrasic Park movies). She tends to do this when she has been drinking. The back of the t-shirts we all wore at Taylor's Bachelorette featured a picture of her doing this - she is notorious for it. Now it looks like she has passed it on:

The Raptor
(Circa 2009)

The Wedding Raptor
(Photo by Stephanie Beach Photography, 2011)

Baby Raptor
(Looks like Lochlan is just a chip-off-the-old-block!)


Sweeton said...

lovely series

Anonymous said...

Lochlan may not look like me, but at least we know he got some of my mad dinosaur skills.
Love the post Chris, thank you!

Christine Sweeton said...

He is such a cute baby!