Friday, 8 February 2013

Ranting In (Not About) The Comments

I know that just a while ago I was ranting about readers of Always Standing not leaving comments on my posts. However, this post isn't a rant about comments but instead directing you to read my rant that I have placed IN the comments. A few days ago ERin approached me about writing something for the blog and I posted it yesterday - a post about Climate Change. I let the topic sit with me for a day or so and then this afternoon drafted my personal response to the issue. (Which, you will note, is different than my mother's, who was the first person to weigh in.) I typed out my triad into a Word document, it was about 1,000 words long actually. Well, it turns out that you are only allowed to post 4,096 characters per comment so I had to split my rant into three parts, thankfully they posted in the proper order. Please go and read it there, I count it more as my post for today than this small one explaining it.

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