Friday, 15 February 2013

My Valentine

Jason is amazing and we had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday, which actually continued into today with him bringing me breakfast in bed and driving me to the bus stop.

A little while ago, during a visit to Ottawa, Steph did a photo shoot with us out in the woods. I know that I was complaining about these types of photos less than a month ago. However, I justify these as different because we are not engaged and were not doing for any reason beyond helping Steph build her portfolio and get some nice pictures if each other. Also, we went cross country skiing together in the nature area where the shoot was, so the location was not random. Still, they are totally the photos that generally annoy me. But we look so good in them!

This is my favourite:

Love Is A Rainbow In A Sunbeam
By Stephanie Koning, of Stephanie Beach Photography 
Copyright © 2012

You can see the entire set here:


Stephanie Beach said...

I think this is the first time you have used Stephanie Koning for one of my photos :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of both of you, you look like your having fun.

Anonymous said...

You guys look awesome!!! I love all the photos!! Nice job Steph!! :)


Anonymous said...

Great pic of the two of you. Perfect setting for Ontario winter.I so glad you are this happy . love dad Stephanie you are realllly good.

Christine Sweeton said...

Thank you to all! (Yes Steph, I had to look up how to spell it too, I never remember if I have to double the n, even though I have been friends with Dave for almost as long as you.)