Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fattening Food In February

I know that to stay healthy and on the good side of my depression I need to take my medication, sleep well at night, eat healthy, work out, and keep my life structured. It is hard to be motivated for all of that, even more so in the winter, especially with working more. I haven't been very healthy with my eating since Christmas.

Luckily, I have gotten so much better with my eating over the past few years that today at lunch when I wasn't feeling up for getting something that I 'should' I still ate pretty reasonably. This means I got a 6" sub, a cookie, and diet coke at Subway instead of my usual roast beef salad with 0-fat dressing and a chocolate milk.

I haven't had the bread at Subway in so long, because not only does it go straight to my hips but it goes there and has little bread babies that then go straight to my thighs. Still, the bread was delicious and even though they have changed the style of the steak meat a little, the sub was amazing.

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Anonymous said...

Well done. Just proves that you can slip of your healthiest food choices and have a treat and it is still a healthy food choice.