Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Toast

To nearest
To dearest
To the ones who've been there
To the ones who'll be there
To dropping everything
To saying anything
To no judgments
To no doubts
To loyalty
To favours
To lifelongs
To been too long
To nothing's changed
To having history
To going way back
To settling down
To your second family
To friends

---- from a Grey Goose vodka advertisement in Toronto Life (a special thanks to my dad for pointing this out to me.)


Erin said...

I really like this, I feel like I should remember it for a good toast down the road. Oddly enough the day you posted this was the first time I ever had Grey Goose vodka.

Christine Sweeton said...

Look at you all fancy! (I enjoy Grey Goose but really can't justify the cost.)