Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Super Stars

Steph and Dave's photographer (from their wedding) just posted a year-in-review list on her blog. Gen, from fifteen:fifty one photography is a very busy photographer, I am sure that she does hundreds of shoots in a year. (Well maybe not hundreds but trust me it is a lot, this is what she does and she is sought after for it.) Anyway, Steph and Dave's engagement shoot made it into the number two spot for the year, based on readership stats I think. Super Stars!!

Personally, I don't like Engagement Photos. They are really fake, "Lets get photos of us hugging while we walk down a wooded path, that we are only at because the photographer thought it would look nice." However, I get my photo taken all the time - usually in shoots that are completely designed by the photographer. So why would I begrudge a couple for doing the same? I think it is because it has become so mandatory, a check mark in the box, a milestone that is captured and promoted. One more consumerist/capitalist based tradition with minimal individuality.

Steph and Dave's is different though. I looked back and it turns out that I only briefly mentioned their engagement shoot. It deserves way more than that! They made a concept and told a story. It is fun, interesting, cute, funny, and beautiful. See it here: Love Conquers. What is also so great about it is that it truly reflects who they are - Steph and Dave love movies, dressing up at Halloween, picnics, romantic stories, Ottawa bridges etc. This shoot, which Steph turned into a beautiful photo guest book for their wedding, is my absolute favorite couple series ever!

Photos: Copyright © 2012 By Genevieve Georget/Fifteen:Fifty-One Photograph

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