Sunday, 6 January 2013

Seriously Minto?

As aforementioned, Jason and I are in Ottawa for the weekend and tonight we are staying in a hotel. I had assumed that it would have free wifi and there would be no issue doing a quick Sunday post - however internet at the Minto Suites Hotel in Ottawa is not complimentary and we would have to pay to use it. Luckily, Ottawa is on the Mobilicity network so it is free to use my phone. I hope posts from my cell work, because I have had issues in the past...


Anonymous said...

Yes, we take the internet in hotels for granted, even the low end motels usually have it in the US. So its always a bit of a surprise when they don't. I wonder how business travellers feel about that Minto?

Anonymous said...

A lot of business hotels make you pay for it. Guess its because business people can just expense it. Its often free in the lobby in those hotels.

I remember you staying at the Minto way back in the day with your family :)...I think.

- Teri

Christine Sweeton said...

The internet was available it was just an extra charge. It was the same for parking. I tend to assume free wifi will be available in most hotels and I assume free parking for ones that aren't in city centres. (Minto is right downtown so there was a cost for both - we just paid for the parking.)

And yes, I stayed in the Minto way way back when it first opened with my family (and Aunty Laura and Grandma). I remember it being like a palace.