Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Save Your Tears

Save your tears, it is only the second game; but is this the start of it? I have only been living in Toronto for a few seasons but no matter where I live, I have always loved the Leafs. I can tell you that distance does not dull the pain and I was angry with their poor performance when I lived in Ottawa, and home in Paris (Ontario). The Season Opener in Montreal went well, we won 2 to 1 for those of you who don't follow hockey, but last night, at the Home Opener no less, the Toronto Maple Leafs lost. (Though the last 5 minutes or so were quite exciting but need I remind a professional hockey team that they should play well for the entire game? It is, you know, their job.) Anyway, it is a shortened season, which I guess makes it more like ripping off a band-aid: the hurt will end quickly. Go Leafs Go?

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