Saturday, 12 January 2013

Acknowledge It

I feel like these small courtesies are underused and often forgotten:

- When emailed, respond! (I know Teri agrees with me on this point.) I often send out an email to a number of recipients: ie, to tell people I'm coming to Ottawa, to invite friends out for dinner or an event, when hosting a party, planning a trip, sharing an exciting bit of news etc. I am often so surprised at the lack of responses I get back, even from people who are interested or who intend on attending/participating in whatever it is I'm email about. I think it would be even better, though I guess not necessary, to also respond with a decline message. Just acknowledge the email! I want to know you read it.

- When sent cash, cheque, or a gift card, I think it is important to thank the person and let them know what you ended up getting with it. Anytime you get these types of gifts it is nice to report back what it was used for. However, if a gift is mailed or sent via another person, it is so important to, at the very least, acknowledge the gift! I want to know you got it.

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