Friday, 30 November 2012

Growing Up, Again

Last night I bought a washing machine and dryer. I don't think I ever fully outlined the 'laundry process' at Rrunuv Bayit - I mentioned it briefly early on, before Kristen and I made arrangements with people upstairs.

At Rrunuv Bayit, the other two apartments in the building each have a washer and dryer in the furnace room. It took a while, but after a couple of months we were able to arrange with the nice couple on the top floor to use theirs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There were some definite issues with this, not just that we only had two days to do laundry each week and that they were work days at that, but also that the way the wiring worked only one machine could be plugged in at the time (which means the people from the third apartment might be using their machines and we wouldn't be able to use the ones we had access to) and also the dryer is an 'apartment style' which means it has very little power and takes forever to dry things.

Anyway, the nice couple are moving out, which is sad because they were good neighbors. However, they offered to sell me their washer and dryer, so I bought them. Now I can do laundry any day of the week! Kristen was over and after scolding me for making such a big purchase when I have no money, she seemed impressed at my 'grown up' purchase. It wasn't that much money; I will definitely make it back when compared to using a landrymat. Using their machines thus far has more than saved me the amount they asked for. It did feel grown up - until I remembered I had bought a washing machine in a similar fashion before moving into Le Manoir, though that time it involved moving it too. So, I guess I am growing up - again.


Anonymous said...

Well that will be so much easier, wash and dry whenever you want. Mum

Anonymous said...

well done so much better use of time and