Friday, 2 November 2012

About To Be The Laughing Stock Of TO

There is 'buzz' about this and I shouldn't be perpetuating it. I should be also sending you to a slightly more solid source, lots of different people, blogs, newspapers, etc. have written about it. The one I like the best so far is one connected to The Toronto Star - this article was posted on their New In Homes blog and it mirrors my recent statements about the issue.

The Issue: Another condo in Liberty Village.
A local developer, Lifetime, has submitted a proposal for a new 32-story tower on the site of the Liberty Market Building. The plans call for retail on the ground floor, and six storeys of office space, and a condo tower in the centre.

The Response: Opposition!!
Residents of Liberty Village started a social media campaign to attempt to have a potential condominium stopped, “saving” the Liberty Market Building.

The Ridiculousness: The blind and illogical hypocrisy.
Negative reactions are common when areas are facing the transition from low-rise too high-rise, but what makes the Liberty Village reaction so peculiar is the fact that the area itself is already a high-rise community. It seems somewhat odd for residents who purchased in an area that was built on condos to complain about…condos.

Final Statement: This is one of the most interesting proposals that has been seen in the area recently, and the developer appears to be trying to provide positive change and preserve the building's positive attributes, which makes the resistance all the more annoyingly insane.

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