Monday, 17 September 2012

Steph's Bachelorette Weekend - By The Numbers

Dates - Friday September 14th at 7pm to Sunday September 16th at 2pm
Emails sent between JennD and I the week before - 11
Emails sent between Steph and I the week before - 3
Glasses of champagne served upon arrival at the hotel - 2
Rounds of Cards Against Humanity played w/JennD - 10
Pairs of shoes bought, for myself, at Ardene's - 2
Time on hold w/BMO about cancelled debit card - 12 mins
Teapots on our table at Chateau Laurier's High Tea - 4
Relaxation cycles done at Le Nordic baths - 3
Times we saw someone holding a 'silence' sign at the baths - 4
Won at the casino - 20 cents
(Photo of ErinAH and Steph with the winnings)
Hashbrowns ordered from McDonalds on Sunday morning - 6
Times ErinAH redrew her design at The Mud Oven - 5
Distance traveled by ZipCar Mini - 1026 km

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