Thursday, 9 August 2012

Do I O U 2?

I really really need a laptop. My parent's want their netbook back, and I find it challenging to use. I got it in my head that I would buy a very cheap laptop - for $200. I scrounged together $200 and started looking; well, it turns out that laptops are sightly more than that. So instead I am going to start paying back the people I owe money too, which includes, but I don't think is limited to:
- Teri (for hotels/hostels during our trip)
- Steph (for a train ticket to her wedding)
- Dad (for the bridesmaids' dresses he put on his Sears card)
Let's just not talk about the credit cards...


Anonymous said...

No rush at all on paying me back Chris!! I know you're legit. Haha my brother recently told me a story about an airline working telling her co-worker, "these guys are legit" so felt like using it.


Anonymous said...

Paying back, makes sense, otherwise the debts just hang over your head. We will keep a look out for a cheap laptop for you too.