Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Cat Yoga

Amusing and cute! (Also, features 2D-Kitten, which Two used to do all the time but I haven't really seen in a while. The movie calls it 'Warrior I' and the cat also does it in front of the mirror.)

2D-Kitten: when a cat arches into a Halloween version of itself, with a puffy tail and hops backwards: the cat appears to flatten, all four legs and paws seem to lie on the same plane aka. the cat is two-dimensional

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Anonymous said...

loved this video. Partly as I have yoga videos and I never laugh at them like I did at this. They never say "that's good but lets try again" to me, maybe something about my yoga ability.
I have seen Two do all of those poses (better, of course).
Someone took a lot of video of that cat, when it was a kitten too, to get that video.